Health Ministries


Jennifer Cooper
Health Ministries

Ministry Overview

The Health Ministries Team, comprised of medical and non medical members of Mt Olive, is on a mission in 2016 to bring an increased awareness of health to each member.  This year we are emphasizing the Eight Laws of Health as presented in the CREATION HEALTH model.  Every 3rd Sabbath afternoon at 3 pm we will be discussing one of these laws.  April 16 is CHOICE. On May 21st at 3pm the presentation will be on REST. The goal is for everyone to be aware of the natural preventative measures one can take to increase ones quality of health, and in some cases experience restoration of health naturally.

It is with joy that we share the message of hope and health.  We assure everyone that God is as  interested in our physical health as He is our spiritual well-being.  Educating our members on the benefits of healthful living is another of our goals.  


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